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Arik Air is very famous commercial airline of West Africa. Established in 2006, it is working as domestic, regional and international flights operator. Arik Air has a fleet size of 26 aircrafts including two airbus A340-500. They fly to a number of destinations throughout the world including Trinidad and Tobago, Amsterdam, London, Madrid in European countries; Atlanta, Miami, Houston in US region and Birmingham in UK. Altogether, it flies to 28 different destinations. Basically, it operates from two main points in Nigeria including Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in the state of Abuja. It’s headquarter is in Arik Air Aviation Center, Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Ikeja.

Arik Air tickets are available for any kind of travel of your choice. No matter if you want Arik Air tickets for business class, first class, or economy class, there are always many Arik Air tickets options available to choose from. You can reserve Arik Air tickets for one way, return or multiple destinations travel.


Every class is special in Arik Air travel. Economy class enjoys their exclusive meals and also on-demand refreshment and entertainment channels like any first class. Chargers and USB connectors are also available with the seats to ensure battery charging during your flight. For premier class passengers, they have 75 inches seat which converts to flat bed also. The seats in premier class are equipped with exclusive massagers with tarry sky to relax your body during your luxurious air travel. Staff takes care of comfort with a polite attitude. USB connectors, Internet, chargers are also available with seats so you never stop being productive.

Our travel company in in contact with Arik Air and offers Arik Air tickets on very low fare rates. When you buy your Arik Air tickets from us, we take care of your trip like a family. You just tell us your travel requirements and we will select the best suitable option of Arik Air tickets for you. Once you feel satisfied with the flights time and date, we will reserve your Arik Air tickets immediately. This way, it becomes our headache to arrange a suitable flight for you. We will search the best possible options of Arik Air tickets that suite you and you will travel with complete peace of mind.


Arik Air tickets are always in demand since the start of air travel by Arik Air back in 2006. Their luxury aircrafts are worth travelling. With Arik Air, you will feel satisfied about the quality service they provide. Every moment you spend with Arik Air is worth every penny you spend to reserve Arik Air tickets. Arik Air in UK is providing flights from London, Heathrow to Nigeria and many other destinations worldwide. They have the best behaving, loving and caring aircraft staff to make your journey relaxed, hassle free and memorable.

Arik Air tickets are available round the clock. You can reserve a ticket at any time in a complete day. Simply call us to book your ticket today with very affordable fare rates. We are working hard to provide our customers with top class airline travel like Arik Air tickets. This is what has earned us this growing reputation. The count of our satisfied and returning customers is increasing every day.